Monday, April 8, 2013

New Motorcycle Seat and Painting Walls

This week I helped my son recover his motorcycle seat. He took them apart and traced the pieces onto the new fabric and I sewed them together. I did have him sew a couple of the easy hem pieces so he could say he sewed them too! Turned out really good. We still need to make a small bag for the handle bar area. He did the white walls himself too. Looks totally different than when his Dad owned it. When he sees it he says wow looks like a whole new bike!
Tomorrow we are painting the dining room and living room walls. I absolutely HATE painting walls unless I'm painting a mural. It's so tedious. But I will be glad to get it over and done. I've been bugging my husband for 2 years to help me paint them. I have all the drapes, curtains, and valances made and hung up. I finished those a couple weeks ago. Very pleased at how they all turned out. I will take a picture after the painting is done.

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