Saturday, February 23, 2013

Newest Pattern/Instruction/Tutorial

I've been busy since my last post. I am actually making a few things for myself. Very unusual, but I figured it was about time. 
Here is my latest creation. I decided it was time to take the mystery out of making continuous bias quilt binding and bias tape once and for all. I looked at instructions in books for years and they just never made sense to me. After  quite a long time of trying again and again it finally clicked and I decided to make step by step instructions along with step by step color photos. I think my instructions are very easy to understand. Available in PDF form here at  My Craftsy Page

I made a new ironing board cover. I will post that tutorial one of these days.
  I also made new cushions for my rocking chair. Very over due!
And I made some football baby shoes. Available in all kinds of fabrics. Will sell for for about $18 a pair. If anyone is interested just drop us a note and we can discuss fabrics.

 Now I am making new drapes(with pleats, drives me nuts that the stores call a curtain with a pocket that slides on a rod a drapery) for the dining room and I have 2 small windows and a door window to make matching curtains as well. To finish it off I have 2 valances I will be making, 1 to go over the draperies and 1 to go over the kitchen window. That's the latest from around here. I need to take a break from sewing and make some more bread.