Monday, August 27, 2012

Canning or Freezing Peaches, That is the question

Canning or freezing 16lbs. of peaches? Freezing won out for this batch. I bought a case of Colorado Peaches. I made a peach pie and we've eaten several. Yesterday I spent a good hour and a half blanching and freezing the rest. I have 8 Quarts in the freezer. I must say these were the best peaches I can remember eating. They have our vote for getting 2 cases next time!! I'm getting another case in Sept. but these are coming from Calif. I'll be making peach jam out of those.

Monday, August 13, 2012

I've been busy sewing school clothes for my niece. And as usual trying to organize all my supplies and fabric. It's a never ending process! Years ago when I first started collecting fabric----now I used to sew most of what I collected back then ------ I was working at a fabric store and I couldn't turn down the good buys. 3/4yd. and less on the bolt was put in a box under the cutting table and at the end of the day we could buy whatever pieces we wanted for 10-25 cents each. Needless to say I started collecting a lot of fabrics. At that time I was mainly sewing my kids clothes and things around the house like draperies, pillows, table runners, placemats and the like. It was after the kids hit Jr. High and wanted store bought clothes that I started crafting and quilting more. I started an organized fabric log. It was quite handy and at that time I only had about a dozen containers full of fabric. I gave up on the fabric log once the containers doubled in size. But it was a great idea while I kept it up. I wanted to share a link to someone who has done the same and created a printable for y'all if you'd like to try your hand at organizing. My log sheets were very similar.