Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shabby Chic Like Primitive Prairie Flowers

Here is my newest set of Primitive Prairie Flowers that I've made. These are for sale in an auction over at ebay.There is a set of 6 handcrafted shabby chic like flower ornies, primly stained. I will have more on auction as I get them made. Here's the link: 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Pattern~~ Primitive Prairie Flowers

I finally finished 1 of the 3 new patterns I started back in January! I've been making these and selling them finished over the years and now I've turned them into a pattern so y'all can make your own. That's actually how a lot of my patterns have come to be. They are scribbles on note papers from items I've been creating and selling for years. It's just finding the time to gather my little notes and write them into patterns! I find it hard to believe that life gets in the way so much so that it took this long to complete this one! So far this is the picture on the cover but I'm sure that will change as I make new ones for gifts or to sell.This set is actually a birthday gift for a friend tomorrow. I know she is busy tonight so she won't be reading my blog and see them early!

 I keep forgetting to post the picture of one of the broccoflower plants right before I cut some and cooked them! It was quite sweet and tender. I planted 17 and only 6 survived the birds that munched on them when they were tiny. I thought I had bugs eating them at night till one morning while washing dishes looking out the window I saw a bird biting pieces off the leaves! My husband and I built a netted cover from netted tulle and pvc pipe that totally covered the 6 plants that were still ok so the hungry birds couldn't get to them. Then we got a little smarter and draped netted tulle over the whole garden to keep the birds out when we did our spring planting. We don't have a large garden. It is 4' deep about 28' long. It's at the back of our yard, raised about 2'  like a flower bed but a very large flower bed considering it's 4' deep. I do my best to plant as many veggies as possible in there.  This spring we scaled down to using half the garden while the Mister levels out an area of the backyard and puts down block pavers to cover it because it doesn't grow grass very well in that area. So we planted 1 zucchini plant, 2 tomato plants one was a cherry tomato, several pole beans, radishes, onions, and carrots. We have strawberries growing in a huge planter. Learned awhile back the dog loved to eat the strawberries. I thought critters were eating them. I'd see them growing then a day or 2 later they'd be gone. One day I found out it was my own furry critter Abby our Australian shepherd. So with them in a huge planter she can't get to them.
Time to get back to making more Prairie Flowers. I'm on  a roll now so I don't want to spoil the momentum.