Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Carnitas for dinner tonight

Here is a great recipe for making Pork Carnitas.  I'm not a big fan of Mexican food so I eat my Carnitas plain on the plate with a vegetable and potatoes on the side and maybe some bread. My dear Husband goes all out with the corn tortillas and some Pico De Gio and some guacamole. 
 Click Here    for the link to the original recipe. But here it is posted from the blog.


Carnitas (adapted from Diana Kennedy)
3 pounds of pork butt, with plenty of fat
1 cup of orange juice
3 cups of water
2 teaspoons of salt

1. Cut pork into strips (three inches by one inch), add to a large pot with the liquids and salt. Bring to a boil and then simmer uncovered on low for 2 hours. Do not touch the meat.
2. After two hours, turn heat up to medium high, and continue to cook until all the liquid has evaporated and the pork fat has rendered (about 45 minutes). Stir a few times, to keep pork from sticking to bottom of pan.
3. When pork has browned on both sides, it’s ready (there will be liquid fat in the pan). Serve either cubed or shredded (pork will be tender enough that just touching it will cause it to fall apart).
Goes very well with a green salsas such as Ninfa's green sauce or this tomatillo salsa or this salsa verde with avocados and tomatillos.
Serves 4-6
Notes: The key to this recipe is that the meat has fat, so don't trim it! If there's not enough fat on the meat the recipe will turn out too dry.

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