Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Blonde doll Hair

Here is the blonde doll hair hanging out on the line drying. The temps were not too cold. I guess in the 60's while it was drying. It took it a few days to dry.

And here it is ready for sale. I should have it in my  Ebay  store later today, and on my website next week sometime. This is 3 ply thick curly wool/mohair. Sells for $9.95,  free shipping within the U.S. This is the 4th color I have finished so far. More colors to come as I get them done.

Here it is another Sunday. This is one of my busiest work days. I try to get all my online stuff ready for the week to come, make any changes to my online venues, and such. But it is quite beautiful outside today. I'd say high 60's slight wind. Our mock orange tree is blooming and smells heavenly. It is attracting the usual bees and wasps but also we have quite a few butterflies too. I might have to take a very LONG break from my usual routine today. Perhaps I will plant some more veggies in the garden or just linger a little longer while hanging the laundry out to dry. Here is a picture of the mock orange.

And here is a close up of a butterfly on there. I LOVE this tree. It's a shame it is only in bloom March and April though.

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