Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Halloween Decorating

Holiday Decorating is underway at the Ford household. Autumn is my favorite time of year!! 
Here is my first attempt at working with Deco Mesh, and I love it!! My Halloween Garland turned out great!! My angel would be proud! I painted the heads, I was actually looking at a Pumpkin Head doll I created a couple of years ago when I was drawing the faces but the finished ones seem to look more like Jack Skellington. But I imagine most skeleton heads turn out looking like him. 
I planned to make several garlands and sell them, but ran out of time. So I will do some Autumn and Christmas themed creations soon and put them up for sale. I think I will do some garland for the fireplace mantle and maybe some table decor as well. This mind of mine is racing with lots of ideas!
I am still working on revamping my website. I bought a wonderful set of new graphics that I am so excited about. I hope to be done in a month. I know it is taking me much longer to accomplish this than most people I am sure, but I have to work on it in between all the other stuff I try to accomplish in a day. 
Just today I spent 5 hours on yard work. I had raking, pulling weeds, digging up ground, planting some grass seed, and hand watering all to get done. 
I scored some free pavers that someone was giving away. They had an outdoor BBQ they took apart. One mans trash is another's treasure. I scored the treasure. I plan to surround the rose bushes with some and the rest I plan to put down a walk way behind the back fence for the dog. She stands there and kicks as she barks at the world of people that pass by. While she is kicking she digs a gully which I fill in periodically. Well this will cure that. One less chore to do. Yay! 
Speaking of chores, the outside of the house needs to be painted. Ugh. I really do not like to paint walls and trim and such.  My daughter said oh that sounds like fun! I invited her to come help!! We'll see how much fun it still is when we are done! 
I hope y'all like the garland I made.

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