Friday, October 5, 2012

October Already!!

Ok Aug. & Sept. flew by so fast I don't remember seeing them!! Wow! It's October. So after I froze some wonderful Colorado peaches-----by the way THE BEST peaches I have ever had!---- I made peach butter from some California peaches. This is all that is left of that. It was very good. I sent some to my Mom in Maine to enjoy. 
The kids are back in school. We've celebrated the daughter in laws birthday and our 2 daughter's birthday's. The end of Sept. starts the frenzy of birthdays, anniversaries, holidays,and craft shows that I host and participate in for the year! It ends Jan. 4th with #1 grandson's birthday. Then just a few celebrations the rest of the year.Whew!

Ahhh, the fruits of summer.......Blueberry Jam--practically seedless. I strain out as much of the seeds as I can when I make my jams. I just don't like the seeds. I will be making Strawberry jam this weekend, and most likely Blackberry after that.
We went to the play Wicked the other night for one daughter's birthday. What an excellent show----really enjoyed it. That was the first play I had been too. I may have to see more. The daughter saw online that there will be a movie of the same out in 2014.

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