Monday, February 27, 2012


Ok it has been 9 days since I put the lettuce in the jars. One of the 2 darker ones---the green leaf or the romaine is not holding up. The Iceberg is great. I noticed there are a few of the darker greens that are turning dark and mushy even in the vacuumed sealed jars. Only sparsley so far. I ate salad yesterday for lunch and dinner and I had to take out about 8 little pieces that were turning of the dark greens. Next time i will do the romaine and green leaf lettuces separately to determine how long each one will last. I've had fresh salad now for a week whenever I've wanted without the dreaded work of preparing it each time. So all in all I am very happy with this experiment.On to another note....

I spent the day yesterday making  a toilet seat cover to match the valance over the shower curtain I had made a few years ago. I came across that same fabric while cleaning and had enough for that and towel accents and a small runner for the tank top. I quilted the fabric before I cut it out. I laid the fabric on the lid and cut around it. Then I cut some un-quilted fabric strips on the bias, made a 5/8" hem. Inserted 1/4" elastic, then sewed this right sides together to the quilted seat cover. I finished by making a small piece of double fold bias out of matching fabric and covered all across the back near the hinges of the seat where I inserted the elastic. Turned out great, I was quite pleased with it. What do you think? Thanks. Have a good week.

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